Phin & Phebe’s: an Ice Cream Company to Lookout For!

by Jen Wanous

On this historic day of same-sex marriage in New York state, I would like to give a shout out to a local gay ice cream company!  Last night, I met with Crista Freeman, co-owner of Phin & Phebe.  Crista and her partner, Jess, started their ice cream company on a whim with late night ice cream cravings and creative ideas for fun flavors.  They started selling their pints in local markets, packing their car with dry ice and would sell out every time.  They since have decided to ramp up their production when Whole Foods came knocking on their door.

Take a look at their Kickstarter video, it’s really cool.

I picked Crista’s brain on the ins and outs of starting up your own company. She had so many great tips to share; like don’t start an ice cream biz because it’s a logistical wormhole to figure out storage and transport!  She suggested sticking to baked goods.  She also had some good leads for food scientists, lawyers, how to prepare your taxes and city permitting.

I feel like I’ve just landed on the tip of the iceberg in terms of starting to make my way in the artisanal food business.  There are so many bases to cover, but companies like Phin & Phebe make it seem possible.

*Side note #1 – In honor of the gay festivities, I would like to offer my services for catering and event planning.  Let me know if you know of anyone who is tying the knot!

*Side note # 2–  My finger is healing well.  Thanks for all your support!  I am halfway through my internship at ABC Kitchen.

One Comment to “Phin & Phebe’s: an Ice Cream Company to Lookout For!”

  1. Sounds like you are on your way!!!!

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