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September 27, 2011

Baking Up a Vagina Wedding Cake

by Jen Wanous

Getting the request to make a vagina wedding cake came as no big shocker to me. I knew I could deliver, you see, I have had many a vagina-centric experience from performing in the Vagina Monologues to being in the room for three births. The fact that it was a wedding cake made perfect sense to me, with New York’s recent passing of the Marriage Equality bill, why not pay homage to the Yoni goddess for a sacred queer occasion. The request to have a gay man coming out of the vagina, on top of the wedding cake, that kind of threw me for a sec—but heck, we all have a little (or a lot) of gay man trapped inside of us!

It was the culminating evolution of my life thus far, with some baking thrown in!

My first stop was at the cake-decorating store. I held up various shades of pink food coloring, wondering which color would be the most realistic. There are so many variations; choosing one color was not easy. I thought to ask the sales person for his opinion but stopped myself and decided on peach and pink. A tub of frosting, some edible silver gems and the glittery pink “disco dust” were absolute musts!

Like any smart gal, I tapped my resources and enlisted the help of my girlfriend, Annie. Her previous experience as a middle school art teacher came in quite handy! I plopped down a large, naturally tan colored brick of marzipan in front of her. She whittled away with her nimble artist hands and before I knew it, she had quite a realistic shape to use for the wedding cake topper.

Madonna helped me burn the midnight oil as I baked deeper and deeper into the night. Who else could be such a beacon of pure pussy power?

Transporting this cake to the event was nerve-racking. I called a taxi to get us from my apartment to the show. My friend held the cake in her lap and I tried to carry on casual conversation as I winced at every tap of the breaks. We arrived to the Stonewall Inn, vagina cake intact.

The fantastical nuptials that spawned such a creation was a faux-queen wedding of course! (By the way, faux queens are female-to-female drag queens.) The creators of the annual Golden Girls party hosted an event to raise funds for a discriminatory tax placed on same-sex married couples. As part of the performance, there was a real, officiated wedding on stage where the brides dove into my dessert and shared their first bites as a married couple.

Many thanks to Kelsy Chauvin for her photos from the event.

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March 28, 2011

Cheesecake and Golden Girls

by Jen Wanous

For the Golden Girls tribute drag show last year, I was charged with making the cheesecake.  (I know, your mind might explode, I just said so many amazing things at once.)  Of course, having mushy pieces of cheese cake might get messy for perfectly lipsticked queens, faux queens and their admirers–so I put the cheesecake on a stick and encased them with white chocolate.

Now, a certain cheesecake admirer and golden girl of mine, Treah, had been lusting over my pops for a whole year.  I had promised to make her a cheese cake for her birthday– and her special day arrived.  See below for my cheesecake recipe.

Jen and her chesse cake balls.

For some great pics from the Golden Girls night, visit Kelsy Chauvin’s photo fabulous Flicker page here. Many thanks to Lauren Logiudice, founder, co-producer and faux queen extraordinaire of the annual Golden Girls party.  Read her blog at:

Golden Girls Cheesecake Recipe

Total prep time: 30 mins-1hr, cook time: 2 hours, chill time 10 hours

—  1 pack Newman’s Own mint oreo cookies

—  1 stick of butter


—  20 oz cream cheese

—  2 c. sour cream

—  1/2 c light agave

—  1/2 c sugar (or granulated maple sugar)

—  1 Tbs vanilla extract

—  2 Tbs lemon juice

—  2 full eggs

—  3 just egg yolks

—  1/4 c chocolate powder

Preheat the oven to 300.  Use a spring form pan and line the bottom with parchment paper.

In a food processor pulverize cookies  (or smash a rolling pin to a full zip lock baggie).  In a bowl combine the cookie crumbs with the stick of butter (melted)(reserve a little bit to coat the pan).  Push 2/3 of this into the bottom of the spring form pan (this will be the bottom of your crust) (aka, yumminess!)  and put the other 1/3 on a cookie sheet.  Pop both of these in the oven for 10 mins.  When done put in the fridge to cool.  When cooled, brush the edges of the pan with butter.

In a big bowl, combine the sour cream, cream cheese and sugar/maple/agave and mix until well combine, about 2 mins.

In another bowl, combine the vanilla, eggs, yolks, and lemon.

Pour this mixture in with the other one and incorporate well. Pour 2/3 of this into the pre-baked pan w/ crust.  With the remaining 1/3, add the chocolate powder until well mixed.  For a fun swirly effect, pour in this chocolaty mixture with the white one.

Lower oven temperature to 250. Boil a kettle of water.  Once boiling, pour this water into a deep cookie sheet that is ALREADY sitting on a lower rack in your oven.  (This will help cook your cheesecake with steam.) On the rack above the try of water, on the middle rack,  place your cheesecake to bake for one hour.  Okay–here is a secret trick here: turn off the oven, open the door for one min and then shut it and leave it in there for another hour.  (total time in the oven, 2 hrs)

Let the cheesecake come to a room temp and then put it in the fridge for 8-10 hours to set.

Hopefully the edges of the cake have pulled away from the edge of the pan.  Pop open the spring form pan and place on a platter. With the remaining cookie crumbs, press them into the side of the cake.

Here is Treah, about to enjoy.  Happy birthday love!  xo