On the Eve of Day One

by Jen Wanous

My first day of culinary school is tomorrow.  Important questions are on my mind like what should I wear (on the only day I will not be in uniform) and what the heck should I bring for lunch!?

The school is the “Natural Gourmet Institute” so some degree of crunch, (both in outfit and in meal) will be expected.  A friend suggested showing up in a full clown costume…the idea of recreating myself sounds appealing…but “honk, honk” like a clown horn is a bit much.  I decided on my subdued (yet sexy) secretary look—light on the lipstick (god forbid I’d come off as trying too hard).  I’m sure my true hippyness and silliness will shine through—clogs and jokes will get me there.

Now, to more important things…frozen burrito, no too easy…almond butter and honey sandwich…closer, but not sophisticated enough…quinoa and kale—that’s the ticket!  I decided to add some of my homemade enchilada sauce, just in case I need to show culinary credentials on my hour-long lunch break.

It’s not likely that I’ll be quizzed on the ingredients of my sauce, but this is a big day…I want to sufficiently impressive.  I’ve been in the process of becoming a “good cook” for years and now I’ll have the proper education to back up my passion.

Outfit planed, lunch packed, I’m left to wonder about who my classmates will be in this intimate 16 person, six month-long program.  A cross between Survivor and Top Chef comes to mind…only less competitive I hope!  Who will be the crazy one?  Who will be the tough one?  I hope I’m the good cook one that people like.  It’s hard to kick that “people pleasing” thing…but that’s what will make me good in business…the super successful business I’ll have with food!  Here’s to setting intentions.

One Comment to “On the Eve of Day One”

  1. So exciting! I can’t wait to taste-test your culinary creations :)

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